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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  November 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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not a good policy. >> plus a father's outrage. his toddler was trapped inside a locked van. why he says mall security refused to open the door. and a superhero on the run. new at 11:00, the cab driver says mr. incredible attacked him in philadelphia. good evening. >> we'll get to the stories in a minute but we begin with the coldest night of the season. >> first the flakes. now the freeze. nbc 10 found these snow flurries in allentown earlier today and tomorrow morning it won't just look like winter. it will feel like it, to. >> let's get to meteorologist sh sheana. how low will the temperatures go? >> low 20s through the area and temperatures dropping off quickly. 24 chester springs. 29 northeast philly. 28 in trenton. still mid-30s in philadelphia an law the lehigh valley, low 20s. look at mt. pocono, 17 degrees right now and for some of your
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suburbs in new jersey like millville at 21 degrees. there is an area of snow also that we're watching moving through baltimore, maybe snow showers or flurries. approaching delaware in the overnight hours. really not much but don't be surprised in delaware seeing the snow flurries in an hour or so. the cold air here and hangs around for the morning and the coldest night yet. temperatures will be bottoming out around 20 degrees for allentown. low 20s for new jersey and for the philadelphia area right around to the upper 20s. a look at a warm-up in the forecast coming up. >> all right. a warning for americans traveling abroad. just ahumahead of thanksgiving. a worldwide travel alert of increased terrorist threats oversees and says terrorist groups are planning attacks in multiple regions but no specific threats are mentioned. the alert remains in effect through february 24th. tonight, europe is still feeling
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the shock waves of the terror in paris. a street cleaner in a paris suburb discovered an explosive vest similar to those used in the terror attacks found near the spot of a cell phone belonging to salah abdeslam was located on the day of the attacks as police search for the terror fugitive suspect in belgium. back here at home, notice increased security at philadelphia international airport tomorrow. it's expected to be the second busiest travel day for the thanksgiving holiday. one change, passengers screening canines. for years, these dogs worked behind the scenes but now they're front and center working to sniff out explosives. >> analogy we use is like a bakery or pizza shop or if you walk in, you would smell a pizza. these canines could walk into a pizza shop and pick up on the flour, on the tomato, on the basil and the cheese. >> airport officials say the timing of this program has
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nothing to do with holiday travel or in fact the recent terror attacks. breaking news. sky force 10 over the scene of a house fire in gloucester county. the home on lexington drive. officials say someone inside the home was transported to the hospital. two firefighters were treated at the scene. no word on the severity of the injuries. a superhero on the wrong side of the law. tonight, philadelphia police say this man dressed as mr. incredible is responsible for attacking a cap driver. >> and new at 11:00, hearing the cabbie's story of how it unfolding. >> reporter: it was halloween morning. the cab driver said he picked up the couple down here on front and spring garden and drove them all the way up here to ridge avenue. right here to this 7-eleven. they came here because the customers needed to get cash the
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pay the fare but instead of getting the money, the cab driver got a bloody eye and was forced to go to the e.r. >> driving. >> reporter: the cab driver ab dull asked that he not show his face. how do you feel now? >> very bad. >> reporter: nothing is the same since picking up the couple. haven't been able to go full-time since it happened? >> no, no. >> reporter: around 3:45 a.m., he drove a couple to this 7-eleven and where they were supposed to get cash the pay the $40 fare. that's them in the store in their incredibles costumes. >> the cab driver waiting for a cash. so the guy tried to take the cash from the atm and then wouldn't work. >> reporter: the clerk said there was arguing. they went outside. >> on the phone, dialed the 911 an behind them. >> reporter: he chased the pair
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and then the man allegedly punched him in the face. aziz returned to the store to meet officers. when the cab driver cam back to the store, how did he look? >> bleeding in his hat and big swollen. next to the eyes. >> reporter: police hope you can identify the man in this costume. they also want to talk to the woman. for the safety of everybody? >> everybody. not for me. today, it's me. tomorrow other guy. that hit them. and then he'll go to more dangerous man. >> reporter: aziz is concerned because the injuries don't allow him to work as much and he has a family to support so if you have any information, please give philadelphia police a call. reporting live in roxborough. philadelphia police are searching for the man seen in this photo in connection to a deadly shooting in the city's nicetown section. a 19-year-old man shot and killed late this afternoon.
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the victim was pronounced dead at temple hospital. no arrests have been made. a double murder inside a locked home in philadelphia's kensington section. tonight, two young men were executed face down on the floor. >> nbc 10's drew smith was there as families learned of this tragedy. >> reporter: the family spent most of the night here on jasper street trying to understand what happened. they showed photos to the police as they were held back, praying their loved ones weren't the victims. >> it was a violent scene. there was a lot of blood. >> reporter: but finally, the bad news came. a 20-year-old who lived here was shot in the head. laying face down in the dining room. another unidentified man was next to him killed the same way. family and friends could not hold back their emotions. >> my cousin. my best cousin. one guy good. nothing, not the problem. >> reporter: police have not found the killer and they don't
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know why someone fired a gun inside this home nine times. in signs of a robbery. >> paramedic that is pronounced the body entered the property through a front window. because the doors were locked. >> reporter: these killings also mark a grim milestone for the city of philadelphia. as of tonight, the murder count for 2015 passes the homicide total for all of last year, 250 victims gone. for this family, planning a funeral instead of thanksgiving. >> everybody loves him. he's happy. playing. >> reporter: the family of one of the victims is back in this home tonight. they're hoping for some answers. detectives also looking for surveillance video here on this street. if you have any information, you should contact police. drew smith, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a group of parents and upper dublin school district is accusing the district of racial discrimination in a complaint to
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the u.s. department of education. the group claims a number of black students were suspended last school year. district officials say they'll issue a response after reviewing the complaint. pennsylvania lawmakers are in harrisburg on the and a vote to end a budget stalemate not on the agenda. the state senate did narrowly reject a measure to eliminate school property taxes tonight and money replaced with increases to state income and sales tax rates. this comes as the overdue budget puts schools and social services in a cash crunch. today the governor said the framework both sides agreed to is now in peril. >> we have not made progress. so, to me, that's signifies we have a problem. >> nbc 10 checked with the republican house leader's office telling us they still consider that frame work active. turning now to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders hit the
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campaign trail and dr. martin luther king's hometown. sanders told the crowd at the fox theater in downtown atlanta that dr. king should be remembered as a revolutionary who fought against the entire establishment on matters from race relations to economic policy. meanwhile, sanders' democratic political rival hillary clinton addressed the syrian refugee controversy tonight at an event in reno, nevada. clinton told reporters that hard line stances against admitting refugees to the united states are a mistake. she also said this hurts law enforcement's ability to build ties within muslim communities. tonight, donald trump again claimed he saw muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in new jersey. >> the gop front-runner is facing criticism on both sides of the aisle and no one verifies the claims. nbc 10 went back to check the
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footage. >> reporter: these are the tape archives here at nbc 10. five almost decades of tv up here. so we checked for ourselves when our nbc 10 photographers covered 9/11 if we saw in our coverage any muslims celebrating there in jersey city. frame by frame, nbc 10 photographers on the ground captured the tragedy as we all watched. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: yet as i watched, more than two hours of raw footage, there was no sign of anyone sell bratding in jersey city. nbc news found no evidence, either. trump cited a "the washington post" article. detained and questioned people allegedly seen celebrating the attacks. we cheeched out to the author of
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the article releasing this statement. quote, i do not recall anyone saying there were thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating. that was not the case, as best as i can remember. end quote. trump continues to state his case tonight in columbus, ohio. >> all of a sudden i'm getting all of these tweets. i saw -- i was there. i was this. but i saw. >> reporter: trump isn't the only candidate. >> i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey? >> yes. >> reporter: dr. ben carson made the comments to reporters in re reno. hours later, they come pained. it's this rhetoric, this angered jersey city citizens. >> it is insulting. it is hurtful. and to me it does not feel like real american. >> reporter: and that man said that he ran to help the victims in 9/11. we looked through more than two and a half hours of tape and didn't find any video of muslims celebrating what we covered that day here at nbc 10.
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in the tape archives, keith jones, back the you. a toddler locked inside a van alone. new at 11:00, why neither mall security or police before allowed to rescue him. and get ready for the coldest temperatures we have seen so far this season. but a nice warm-up in time for thanksgiving day. i have that forecast just ahead. take a look at this. that's a skunk with the head trapped in a juice box. what a police officer did when confronted with a potentially stinky situation.
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a police officer at the jersey shore found himself in a potentially foul situation. the video of a skunk wandering with a carton of orange juice on its head. it's from the body camera of officer whitney this month and gone viral with more than 23,000
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views on the department's facebook page. >> felt really bad for it. i figured to get hit by a car or an animal to attack it. if i didn't take it off, there was no way he was going to get that thing off. >> whitney did eventually free that skunk. the department's facebook page urges people to leave wild anim animal encounters to the professionals. well, the black friday rush is practically here. >> and the biggest mall in the area has been getting ready for the crowds. the king of prussia mall with traffic light technology in time for black friday to help drivers enter and exit the mall faster. the technology determine it is number of cars waiting in line to stay straight or turn and adjusts the light accordingly and the mall undergoes construction project to connect the plaza and the court. and tonight a father upset with how the mall handled his family emergency. >> his son was accidentally locked inside the car and mall security said it wasn't allowed
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to get the toddler out. new at 11:00, denise is live at king of prussia mall with more on this. denise? >> reporter: you would think security would come out and get a child out of a car but the father learned that's just not the case. >> he became more agitated as time went by because he doesn't understand what's going on and all. >> reporter: kyle butler says he has a hard time explaining to his 3-year-old son what happened in the parking lot of the king of prussia mall friday morning. >> screaming, snotting at the nose. no one's coming to get him out of the car like he's asking to. >> reporter: he felt helpless as his son restrained in the car seat of his minivan. the mother accidentally locked the van door with the keys inside and called butler. he says they flagged down mall security and waited for what seemed like an eternity. 45 moneys for help to arrive. >> kind of concerning thinking that we had to wait all of that
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time for a tow company with only him getting more and more agitated and confused. >> reporter: the mall said it's policy to call a contracted towing company when people lock themselves out of their car. >> the supervisor explained from there that they would not be able to do it. they could not, you know, call the police. they had a separate company. >> reporter: butler asked with a child inside? they can not reach the king of prussia mall for comment. butler says the towing company charged him $45. money he says as a single father working two jobs cannot afford. butler says he wants the mall to review the policy handling young children getting locked in vehicles. >> hey, look. a child's involved. can you please help them out? >> reporter: tonight we checked with the police who have a similar policy to the king of prussia mall and call a towing company unless the child is in danger. nbc 10 news. little music there for a
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good cause tonight. nbc 10 chosen 300 ministries in west philadelphia where the members gave coats to homeless and also provided them with a warm meal and just in time for these cool temperatures out there. >> oh, a night like tonight, so badly needed. sheena. >> yeah. it is going to get cold tonight. already cold outside now but this is the coldest so far. temperatures will be in the 20s which we're already seeing but earlier today the one thing that part of the area noted allentown and maybe king of prussia with king flurries and also watching in a second. but yeah. tonight will be the coldest night so far this season. it will be cold when you wake up tomorrow morning. make sure you bundle up and not staying cold all week and starting to warm up as we go into thanksgiving. take a lock at temperatures right now. mount pocono down to 17 degrees. that is the actual temperature. 22 right in awe lentown.
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23 potstown. millville down to 21 degrees. that does tend to get colder in new jersey. that area. 31 right now in dover. now, as far as our high temperatures are concerned today we only got to 43 degrees. the average high is 53, 10 degrees below average and tomorrow still cold but upper 40s and by wednesday low 50s and look at thursday, thanksgiving, we are going to look at a jump from wednesday to thursday. topping out in the lower 60s. so as you wake up and walk outside tomorrow morning by 8:00 a.m. in the philadelphia area mid-30s mostly sunny skies. 10:00 a.m., closer to 40 degrees and by noon should be in the mid-40s and either way a chilly day. locally, most of the area dry and there is one area of some light snow showers or flurries on the way to dell we are and not surprised if some of these tried to make it parts of dell we are and not a big deal. either way, stays cold tonight. the cold air is here. we say cold through tomorrow
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afternoon and then watch as an area of high pressure moves across the area pretty much wednesday to thursday. this is going to keep us dry this week and the position of this high will be warming us up come thanksgiving day. it's going to be a milder thanksgiving for the area. if you're traveling, northeast wednesday, looks pretty good. nice and clear seasonable temperatures but heading down to florida for travel, expect some showers around. temperatures much warmer in the 70s. tonight, though, here you see it. 21 for the low in allentown. 29 the low in philadelphia. it's going to be a cold morning tomorrow and topping out at about the upper 40s. mostly sunny skies, too. by wednesday, low 50s. nice andrei for the rest of the week, though. thanksgiving day low 60s, friday 67 degrees. but then look at that drop saturday, dropping to 47 through the afternoon. it's going to be another cold weekend. one lucky turkey will be spared from the dining room table this thanksgiving holiday. tom 1 as he's been unofficially
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nicknamed and backup known as tom 2 arrived at san francisco airport to mark the journey to washington, d.c. tom 1 will be pardoned by president obama in a rose garden ceremony on wednesday. both birds will be sent to live on a farm in virginia. all right. coming up next in sports, chip kelly has no choice but to look ahead rather than look back with the eagles next game a few days away. a ten flyers finally find offense. was it enough to snap a six-game home losing streak?
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chip kelly had a full day to
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digest the game film of yesterday's loss to the buccaneers. good news is he can chew it up and spit it out with another game on thursday. >> does not look better the second time around and we have a game on thursday to we have to get ready to play detroit right now. >> we lost two games. people throw the baby out with the bathtub. we have a good team and confident in those players. >> now, just before halftime, while official review was taking place, caught on camera joking with tampa bay quarterback winston. comcast sportsnet asked logan about the prospective he was not taking the game seriously. >> whenever you watching the game, that's one thing never have to question about me. how hard i'm playing or my effort when i'm on the field and for people to try to use that as a scapegoat, they're losing while he's joking and playing, i'm still the same person. i saw that, i was like, people,
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you know, you know, saying anything like that. >> hockey. the flyers enter the game against the hurricanes without a goal in the last two games. in an effort to find some offense. beforehand, the flyers inducted rod brind more into the hall of fame. second period, scoring drought ends after 168 minutes. schenn with the honors. 2-0. 2-1 under 4 minutes to play. pesce cashes in. flyers power play, a blast. and the flyers snap a home game losing streak. as for the sixers in minnesota tonight at 0-14 and 3 losses from matching the record for worst start when ch they set last season. that streak ended in minnesota of all places. okafor with a big game in this one. 25 points.
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and with that, the sixers up 6 late in the fourth. after a nice grant block, andrew wiggins with the follow slam would tie the game at 91. wiggins with 32. and then kevin martin with a dagger 3 here. both part of a 12-0 run. sixers fall 100-95 an now 0-15. that is sports. ♪ this thursday, hdtv prices will drop to record lows.
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♪ this thursday, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open thursday 6 pm at target. good one. >> let's say hello to jimmy. see whenat's in store. >> adele is any guest tonight and performing and kelly ripa right there. do not change the channel! >> i'm watching. >> man that song "hello" doing so well on repeat on repeat. >> yes, it is exactly. i'm sure we'll love to see her also tonight. tomorrow, bundle up.
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definitely before heading outside. if you have been outside right now, temperatures dropping into the low 20s so widespread 20-degree temperatures tomorrow. >> oh boy. >> bundle up. have a great night.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kelly ripa, adele, and featuring the legendary root


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